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Come party with us!

Come see us at the booth at the Red River Art & Wine festival.
Downtown Red River, June 13th - 15th

New Mexico wine – Las Nueve Ninas Winery welcomes you

Our goal is to provide quality New Mexico wine in a fun contemporary manner to create others a positively enjoyable experience.

New Mexico Winery with the latest technology and modern processes

Our vineyard and winery is set in rural northern New Mexico where our family has been making wine for over four generations. Vineyard sits between the pines and plains in a valley approximately eight miles north of Mora on the east slope of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.

Continuing the traditions of the past, we are growing a Northern New Mexico traditional wine made of native wild grown fruit called choke cherry or capulin. We are using Grandpa Secondino’s recipe to bring this taste of late summer to you, year round. This wine is created on a limited basis and changes as the availability changes.

We are also developing wine from estate grown plants at the elevation of 7600 feet over sea level. This wine is still in development as the vineyard is growing in. The edelweiss, vulvat muscat and le crescent plants are growing in nicely and once they are mature, they will provide fruit for upcoming vintages.

Winery in the mountains

This winery is in the 4th generation of development by the Aragon family from northern New Mexico.

The use of tradition for their local fruit wines continues and new blends and varietals are being developed of contemporary and traditional grape wine. The 7600 feet in elevation allows the drinker a unique and rare experience not found in lower altitudes.

Nimble and Creative creations

While the winery is small, it is nimble in its creations, able to change fruits and styles of wines. Our estate wines are limited by nature and are each a treasure onto their own. Once a run is gone, it is gone until the next run. Making wine is like stepping into a stream, you never step in the same stream twice, there is always something different.